Maria and Anna (_shamballa) wrote in fma_layouts4u,
Maria and Anna

Mod Post (by the mod's sister)

My belated apologies to each and everyone whose requests have not been granted yet. flame_butterfly had an accident a month ago and cut her right hand and therefore cannot use the mouse for some time. Any of you who still wish for your layouts to be made by someone in this community, it's me who's temporarily taking over the fulfilling of requests. In case your layout has already be done by somebody else, please inform me ASAP.

Thank you very much and I apologise for any inconvenience.
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O__O Wow, that's not cool. I hope she's all right. Wish her happy healing, and good luck with layout requests. ^_^
What..? What happened? *starts crying* What happened to Anna? Is she ok? *heartbeat goes quick* Hope she's ok... *don't know what to say* *hugs Anna*
Ε... να... έκοβε παρμεζάνα ενώ μιλούσε με το μικρό. Δεν πρόσεξε και κόπηκε. Έκανε 4 ράμματα στον αντίχειρα του δεξιού της χεριού. Τώρα τα έχει βγάλει, αλλά το χέρι της είναι ολίγον αηδία...
Uh T.T Egw allo katalaba kai phga na pethanw T.T Tespa xairomai pou epathe apla auto uff~!

God bless her...
Oh no! I hope she gets well soon. *sends virtual flowers and very real good wishes*
Crap, get better soon! *hugs*